Friday, February 20, 2009

My head is going to EXPLODE!!

I have never been so stuffy in my life. It is so hard for me to explain my symptoms b/c I never get all dried up..usually my nose is running like crazy. I deal with allergies A LOT!! And usually just take some meds and it is gone. Well, right now I feel like my head is going to explode. My nose isn't the least bit stopped up..but it just feels like there is no water in my head. Does that make sense. I have the WORST headache and a sore throat. Since I am on BCP and starting the process of IVF I haven't taken anything for this. I just got one of those nett.y pots and told Toby to get a humidifier after work tonight. I allowed myself to have some cough drops to help with the sore throat.

I almost couldn't take it anymore, so I called my nurse. She wasn't there so another woman called me back. I had left MY nurse a message telling her that I wasn't sure if I could take anything b/c I had started my BCP..thus starting the IVF process. But I didn't say thus starting the IVF process. So when the other woman called back she said you are fine to take ad.vil with your BCP. I said Thank God..then hung up before saying...wait what about...

So here I am stuck feeling like CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know of any other home remedies??? I am desperate. I even read on one website that sniffing an onion would help. I plan to wait a little while more before I do that. I am going to eat at tonight so maybe that will get my sinuses flowing.

BTW these BCP...are mean. One of their side effects is stomach pain. Yeah, like someone is twisting your ovaries pain. But I am going to be strong and get through this. I mean come on this is only the beginning. I have to keep it together.

Also, FYI I just signed up to be a "clicker"..and am learning how to do please give me a little bit of time to feel better and figure all this out.


Michelle said...

try running a very hot shower with the door closed and stand in the room. I hope you feel better soon!

shauna said...

Hey girl,
Sorry you're not feeling so well. I think if anything will clear your sinuses it's gotta be the Thai food. I hope you find something that helps. The birth control pills suck. I think I had the most hormonal issues when I was taking them. Hope you feel better soon.

Miss Mac said...

Sorry you're not feeling well! Try some Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water. With BCP, it used to help me to take them right before going to bed & after eating some crackers or toast etc. A heating pad might help ease the pain... I hope this all goes quickly & you're soon on the way to a BFP!!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I hope you're feeling better.

Hot shower.
Chicken soup (throw a chicken leg into a pot of water. add root veggies. salt, pepper, bay leaf. cook for 45 min. drink broth)
Ginger tea (cut ginger root with skin on. boil in hot water with black peppercorns. cool slightly. add honey.)
Vicks vapor rub. LOVE that stuff.

GOOD LUCK!!! Hope you feel better soon...