Monday, February 16, 2009

First Steps!!

BTW: First off..let me explain my comments thing. I changed it to where I have to approve comments b/c it helps me see when I do get a new comment so I am sure to read them all. So just wanted to let ya know :D Okay now back to our regularly scheduled program!!

My nurse summed it up when she said..she is used to dealing with some crazy women.

Let me explain, I was impatiently waiting for her to call me back and worried that the office was closed b/c of the holiday. So I debated on calling her again...or just calling and asking the receptionist if my nurse was there (that was Todd's idea). Then I just told myself to chill and wait...if she hasn't called by 3..then I will bug the heck out of her.

Luckily, she just called. And I am so psyched that I am finally starting this process..that I just bawled. I almost couldn't even listen to my instructions. She could tell I was super excited and just told me I was so crazy and she is used to dealing with some crazy women. And I bet she is..she is the IVF we are kinda already geared up and ready to go. Then you add a bunch of hormones..and watch out!!

It was funny b/c Todd said that during these processes...iui...etc. I become a DIVA. Yes a DIVA. That is definitely a word I would NEVER describe myself as. I am so quiet and I never want to ruffle any I was kinda proud..that I have it in me.

I am so pumped right now. I think I could take on the world. Our future beautiful..awesome...amazing..miracle could come from this. And my mood is good considering that AF is kicking my hiney. AF has made me super crampy...super nauseous, and super achy. She has hit me I guess she is telling me that she won't be around for...maybe...9 mos. So she is going to try and make me suffer now.

Just in case I forget. My instructions are to: pick up my BCP from the pharmacy and start them tonight. Then she is mailing me my to do list with further instructions and she will order my drugs. I feel like I am on a mission..hehe Sorry I am such a spaz right now.

Taking my first steps!!!!!


Michelle said...

Yay! I am happy to hear you taking your first steps. You are on your way now!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I know...I was sooo pumped to be taking the pills and all the shots etc. I just hope and pray it works the first time for you. Going through this twice so far and now gearing up for a frozen just really gets to you after a while! I know it will ALL be worth it...even the hard parts!

littlesteps said...

First steps are so exciting! I just started my BCPs for my IVF cycle on Friday. It's such a crazy feeling to be starting down this road.