Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wii Nite..Happy New Year!!

We had a Wonderful Wii Night with our Friends!!!

We had so much fun boxing...of course, I won..hehe I seem to be good at doing anything Wii style, but in real life I am way to clumsy and uncoordinated to do boxing or tennis or bowling...or anything sportsy!! I have other photos of our awesome neighbors/friends, but I really need permission to post maybe later on I will.

A new year is here. SO now I must remember to write 2009 instead of 2008 on will take some time. I wrote 2007 on something the other day...I am losing it. But you all knew that anyway..hehe I have some minor goals this year...get fit....get content....get pregnant. That is all..hehe. But if I just had to choose one it the would be the last one. I am excited to see what this new year holds for us all. I am hoping TONS of BFPs. Oh yeah, as I was leaving target last night....I saw a car tag and on it was BFP. I hope that was a good sign. I hope everyone has an AWESOME 2009...Love y'all!!


Michelle said...

Happy New Year! I am lovin the Wii. We played Guitar Hero all night it was a blast!

shauna said...

You look like a pro to me! Hope you have a wonderful new year, and I do think that BFP is right around the corner.

Jewels said...

Those are great pictures of you two playing the Wii, is that you making a punch and him blocking in the top pic? Love it.

My brother got a Wii for Christmas so I went over there and played for the first time, now we're thinking of getting one. I just love watching people swing at the air. So funny.

Sending you wishes for a fabulous 2009 and all your dreams to come true. (or at least the 3rd =D )

Miss Mac said...

That looks like fun! Happy New Year...and new possibilities! Treat yourself to a sweet tea:]