Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saline Ultrasound

I just got back from the RE and everything went well. He did the saline ultrasound and said that I was perfect. So phew...one thing down..a million more to go. He also informed me that we would have to meet with a counselor at least once before the IVF. Which I started freaking out..but luckily my awesome friend let me know that her hubby (a pastor) would do it. So I called the dr. and made sure I could use my pastor. My nurse said it was totally fine..so that was way easier than I thought. Which shows me that God is on board with us...things are just happening easily. And in my life that NEVER happens. Just ask Todd...I end up taking the hard road all of the time.

On our next appt. we are going to go over all the financial stuff, the IVF process in detail, and talk with my IVF nurse. I am assuming that is when she will give me the scripts to get filled. My RE mentioned putting me on bc pills. That kinda scares me...b/c of the stigma with bc pills. Did anyone else do this..did your RE tell you why? Mine is so fast with me and I am so absent minded that I don't get to ask all the things I would like.

After the appt. I went to pets.mart and bought Maggie a new bed for her crate and a chew toy that is suppose to help brush her teeth and manage her stinky breath. She is chewing on it like crazy as I type. I love going in that store and shopping..I could buy tons of stuff for my Mags. I am in a wedding this weekend so I will be occupied until my next appt.

Here is the verse I am working on remembering this week. It really means alot to me b/c in order to know the truth you must read God's word. I have found refuge in His word and it calms me and gives me peace. Just wanted to share :D
"If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31-32


Katie said...

The birth control pills are part of a typical cycle you usually will take them for about 14 days and overlap with Lupron an injectable med. The BCPs will induce your period and then you will begin taking the meds for stimulating follicle growth (all the while taking Lupron to prevent ovulation), after your follicles are ready you get a shot of HCG to start ovulation and about 36 hours later you go in for retrieval.

Good luck- I am glad your test today went well.

shauna said...

Glad everything went well with your u/s. Yes, you do have to be on birth control pills, because the docs have to be in control of your cycle to make sure you have time for stimulation and retrieval. The bcp basically stops your cycle, so you can do the shots and stuff. Doesn't it just feel so much better when you're actually working towards something? Just remember God is in control. You're in my thoughts.
<3<3<3 Shauna

Michelle said...

I am happy to hear everything went well. BC is typical because they want to control the cycle and quiet the ovaries. ((HUGS))

I Believe in Miracles said...

Like what other folks said - BCP typically control your cycle, help induce AF and make sure you don't develop cysts and stuff on your ovaries (which could interrupt the IVF). Personally I ended up not taking them (because I started my cycle fast) and just had to use protection prior (and my AF was regular although a couple days late because of the lupron so that wasn't an issue).

Yeah -- moving forward! Glad to hear the u/s went well.


Leslie Laine said...

Yes, I was on BCPs, and my nurse told me it was to quiet the ovaries as well as to reduce the chance of cysts on the ovaries. Just make sure that you know that when your period starts after taking the pill, it may not look like a full blown period - it may look more like spotting. Not knowing that little tidbit of info set us back a month, so I just wanted to make sure you knew.

Glad your US went well - sounds like things are moving along, which always feels good!