Monday, January 12, 2009

IVF and it's mysteries!!

There is this idea of IVF. You start out without any knowledge of exactly what goes down. In my head IVF would magically produce a child. Of course, I knew it was a LONG and HARD magical road, but I could have never imagined. And I am sure I still have NO idea. I guess before it was a mythical creature to me like a unicorn. Something that I never thought I would experience first hand.

I went to the RE and he have me TONS of information on IVF and a video for Todd and me to watch. We started reading this magazine sized book of information with consent forms and warnings. Some of the warnings included: that during the egg retrieval the needle could rupture your bladder or other organs nearby. That one I kinda wished I didn't read. There were tons of this could happen..rare..but it could. So they are all covered in any case. They even have a consent form of what to do with the embryos if you and your partner die. Yes die!!! They have thought it all the way through.

Even thought there are so many what ifs...I still want to do this. Risks and all. I feel a sense of readiness that I can do this and I will. There was only one thing in our way. It is a BIG thing. We were worried about what God wants us to do. If he agrees with IVF. So we decided to pray for His will to be revealed to us. I am sure all of you know that when you get to this point you tend to question if God wants you to have a baby. I believe He has revealed to us that we have His blessing. I just started to think about it like this....It is not like someone is making an egg and sperm...they are just helping them get together. If a heart patient needed a stint or a new valve....the doctors would do that. I know it is somewhat different, but still the same concept, but I still pray for more guidance.

Now I am just waiting on AF and ready to get started. This month has been crazy. A close friend of mine is getting married and I have been SUPER busy. I hope waiting for my appt...isn't as annoying as the 2ww. With me all waiting is annoying!


littlesteps said...

Delurking because I liked a comment that my husband made when we were talking about the ethics of IVF and whether God would approve. He's a pastor at our church, and is pretty sure some people there don't completely approve of IVF because they feel that life begins when the sperm and egg meet. But, his comment was that if that was true, IVF would be 100% effective. And I agree. He even said that when we started this journey, he might have agreed with them, but has learned that there is so much more to TTC than the egg and sperm meeting. I also feel that God made us intelligent beings, and that the doctors that treat us are here for a reason. I hope you find the guidance you're looking for.

shauna said...

I was just talking to someone the other day, saying how when you see people on t.v. who go through IVF it does not at all truly portray what they've been through. IVF is not a "natural" way to get a pregnancy, and it is tough. It is emotionally, and physically difficult.The chance to have a child naturally makes it all worth it. I know what you mean about wondering if God is ok with IVF. We wrestled with that for a while, and really felt like we had peace about it. God knows our hearts, he knows our intentions, and he's in control. I'm so excited for you, and you know that you always have alot of shoulders to cry on if it gets tough. Good Luck!!!