Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back and Looking Forward!!

I started looking back at my past posts! I read through so many posts of the ups and downs of infertility! I got to walk back through my own shoes and see how God has worked so hard in my life! How through it all He was there for me. How He would lift me up when I was so low and how the biggest lesson I learned from it all was how much I need HIM!!!!
There were so many times that I don't really know how I even got out of bed and faced another day, but with God's help I did. The Lord knew that I needed to experience my struggles for a reason. I pray that I am going to be a better momma b/c of it all! I pray that I never forget the lessons I have learned and that I am always diligently seeking my sweet Lord!! Noah is a testimony to God's miracles! We had 5 embryos and the last one worked!!! The embryologist picked out the first two saying that they were the best...didn't work..then picked out the second best worked but didn't stick. Then the very last sweet little embryo was the one to make it!!! God had a plan b/c I had prayed many times about our embryos. I left it in God's hands on how many children we would have from the IVF process! I wasn't going to give up any of those precious embryos..those were all precious lives!! So we were not going to donate them or let them die!!! And the Lord answered our prayers!!! He always knows best!!
So this year, as I look back on what I have learned..I can't help but see God's hands all in this past year! Each thing has led up to Noah! And I am so in love with my baby Noah already. I am so thankful for him!! And as I look forward to what is yet to come, I pray God's hands are in everything still!!! I pray that the rest of this pregnancy is smooth and that the delivery is easy and Noah is one healthy bouncing boy!!! This year is the year that will change mine and Todd's lives forever!!! I can't wait to experience it all and for once in my life I am okay with things slowing down and for me to sit back and enjoy every second of what is to come!!!! Thank you Lord! I could never thank you enough!!! BRING ON 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This and that!

Okay so I have to admit that when I used to hear about nesting or how soon to be mommas were going nuts with organizing and getting ready for baby...I kinda thought I wouldn't be like that and it would be a breeze!!! Insert foot into mouth BIG TIME!!! I am one nesting momma!!! My house is driving me crazy! It is not organized enough and if there is any wasted space I go nuts! I want everything to have a home and for it to be neat, organized, and easy!! Yeah right!!!!

So my plan for today was to put up the Christmas decor (minus the tree, letting Todd deal with the heavy stuff), clean the house, and mark some clothes my sis in law gave me! I got most of it done, but I kept stopping to move things from drawer to drawer in the kitchen. Then I realized I will be needing a drawer for Noah's stuff and room in the cabinet for his bottles. I am not sure what else I will need room for, so I cleaned out a big drawer and am hoping it will do the trick. It was then that I realized I have too much junk and I am shocked that I didn't end up throwing a lot of it away! I tend to do that every now and again! It is refreshing to purge and get simplified!

Then as I put up the Christmas decor and started putting back all the original stuff that was out I realized that my house is not baby proof at all. We have so many breakable things on tables and I rearranged a few things. I have become OCD with this!

I am however getting a lot marked off my 'get ready for Noah' list :D We got A LOT of things from my sissy, YAY!!! And I ordered some valances for Noah's nursery..this way we can see what color to paint the walls and what colors to use for things like the lamp, organizational bins..and etc!! If I could have my showers tomorrow I would b/c I am so ready to get everything done!!!! Well, maybe not tomorrow..but soon!!! Todd and I plan on going to finish registering on Friday! I think I am going to only register at BRU...still undecided on that one!! Well, back to reorganizing!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

21 weeks and 1 day

Today marks 21 weeks and 1 day!! 19 more weeks to go!!! I have already started a countdown on my chalkboard tray in the kitchen :D Noah has been getting more active in my belly lately and I swear if I even think about food I get heartburn!!! I am loving that he is moving alot!! We celebrated Christmas and Noah got some presents!! This Christmas has been even more special b/c of our little guy and I am looking forward to next Christmas with him!!!
I have been getting winded so quickly these days and I am sure it is due to my growing belly!

I even started to fill out Noah's baby book! That was FUN stuff!!That is about all that has been going on lately! I am just awaiting the next OB appt. and hearing Noah's heartbeat!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I just filled out some of Noah's baby book and I had so much fun doing it! There are several sections of before birth that I thought I better get done so that I won't get behind. There was a place for ultrasounds and I put the embryo picture and the 19 week u/s on it! I had more u/s pictures but they wouldn't fit so I am going to just keep them with the book. I am still looking for a box for the book to go in. It didn't come with a box and I know I will have more things that I want to keep with the book!

Today is 21 weeks!!! I haven't taken a picture yet b/c I have been in my pajamas all day and not looking so hot. I may get Todd to take just a belly picture later on tonight! As long as he doesn't get my oily face in the picture! This boy has made my face oily..hehe It has been good for my hair b/c it is making in shiny :D Thanks sweet Noah!! I am nesting BIG time and wish I could have my showers sooner than later. I want to get everything done yesterday!!!! I was psyched b/c my sis in law is letting us borrow some of her kiddos old clothes! I was able to go through them today and they are oh so cute! I think I only put back like 6 outfits and kept the rest. Now I just need to mark the tags and wash them! She even had some swimming trunks in there..tooo cute!!! I hope we get the chance to take Noah swimming this summer. I am sure it will be late summer but it will be a fun experience! Todd and I still haven't decided when or if we will take a vacation next year! We usually go to Florida for a week in the summer, but since Noah is coming in May, we are not sure if we will do our usual trip. I would love to go, but I am not sure how much fun a newborn in the super heat will work out!!

Lately, I have been getting heartburn really easily! I can just think about eating and I get heartburn. Thankfully, it isn't bad and I usually can handle it. Every now and then I will take something, but I try not to take anything! I have been craving anything and everything salty!!! My belly is getting bigger and I am scared to say that I think I have gained about 17 lbs since before pregnancy! I may go by the doctor's file on my weight b/c they started weighing me much later so it doesn't seem like I have gained as much weight! I don't mind gaining weight I just hate it on face doesn't carry extra weight well. I want it all to go to the belly :D Don't we all!!! HA

Noah is pretty active at night, but today he has been active throughout the day and I am LOVING it!! It reassures me every time I feel my little man moving. Todd kinda felt him move last week, but I am ready for him to really feel him moving. Today I read Noah a book called..Guess how much I love you! I plan to read it to him A LOT!! I think he liked it :D I know Maggie did, she just sat beside me and looked at me while I read it! Oh and Todd sang to Noah the other night! This child has been exposed to tons of music b/c the music on our ipod is very eclectic! From classical to old school like the temptations!!!

Tonight I am planning on cooking some spaghetti. I haven't been up for much cooking since I have been pg. It is hard for me to eat after I cook. So Todd and I have been eating out alot and now we need to start eatin at home more...BOOOO!!! I hope I can eat it after I cook it!!! Well, that is what has been going on with me!!! I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the last week of 2009!!

Christmas 2009 Pictures!!

Christmas Pictures!!!! Yay!! We went to my parent's house the first half of Christmas day and then headed to Todd's parent's house for the 2nd half of Christmas day! I was sad b/c my camera died way too early so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. Here is Caleb checking out his new gifts! He loved his new dinosaur!!! And Noah got some gifts too! I LOVE this bib! It says..if you think I am cute you should see my dad..hehe It is true..Todd is a cutie!!
Maggie wanted to help Jacob open his gifts!!! :D
A very cozy blanket for my sweet little Noah!!
And Maggie loved her gift too! We had a few gifts in her stocking and we gave her one each day leading up to Christmas and she was so excited about every one of them!!! I love my little girl!!
Todd helped Jacob put on his new army outfit!
Noah's new buddy..teddy bear teether!
The Family..well the kids anyway!! From the left brother, Todd, bro. in law..then bottom left, sis in law, Anna Claire, me (plus Noah) and Carley, and sissy!!! This pic is blurry so I am hoping that someone else got a better one!!
With my sissy and bubba..and Anna Claire had to get with her Uncle Johnny!!! HA
I love this pic of my momma and daddy!!! Love them oh soo much!!
The best gift I have ever gotten! A healthy baby boy!!!!!

Oh and Todd is a great present too :D hehe

The girls in front of the tree and all the presents!!!

This is Todd and I on Christmas Eve..we were about to leave and go to church. We went last year and enjoyed it sooo much that we are making it our little family tradition! Plus what better place to be than in God's house on Christmas Eve!!! My belly looks so much bigger. I am wearing a regular shirt and those tend to show off my belly more YAY!!

As you can see we had a very Merry Christmas! It went by way too fast! I cannot wait til next year when I will be taking pictures of Noah opening gifts...well with mommy and daddys help of course!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!Remember the reason for the season!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." Luke 2:14

Monday, December 21, 2009


We may have found Noah's bedding :D FINALLY!!! I know you think..finally??? I have been searching for bedding since the day we found out we were having a boy! And I have had NO luck until now! Todd and I agree that we love this puppy patchwork bedding from gap. However, the bedding is EXPENSIVE!!! So we are going to wait it out and see if it goes on sale! If it doesn't and we don't find any other bedding that we love as much as this one..we may just have to suck it up and buy it!!! I just had to share with everyone!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 weeks!!

I am gettting bigger and feeling the growing pains in my tummy from it!!! However, unless I wear something really one seems to know I am pregnant. I am looking forward to it being more obvious!!! Here is a pic of us three from our cousin christmas party :D Same one from farther away
Belly Picture Time!!!

I am enjoying shopping or really just looking online for Noah's bedding and all the things he is going to need!!! I could spend all day online looking! I love this little boy oh soo much!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Noah's Baby Book

I just ordered Noah's baby record book! I am so excited about it!! It has 80 pages and is VERY detailed. The ages it covers are from birth to age 5 and it had everything I could think of to record for my sweet Noah!! I cannot wait to start filling it out :D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's a..........

From a tiny little embryo..6 days after conception!! To our precious little BOY!!! YEP, We are having a BOY!! NOAH WESLEY!!!!
We are thrilled beyond words! The u/s went beautifully today! Noah is perfect in every way! The u/s tech checked everything from the chambers of his heart to his kidneys and everything in between!! Everything was perfect!!! And knowing that he is a boy is icing on the cake for us!! Now Todd and I are daydreaming about our little guy's future and all of the fun we will have with him! We give all the glory to God and I am so thankful that Noah is healthy and thriving!! The Lord is amazing!!
Tonight went great too! Remember we were using cupcakes to tell our family! They were thrilled as well! I will try to upload the video tomorrow, but I am exhausted right now :D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Making some very special CUPCAKES!!!

First you have to get the food coloring and icing!! Then bake some yummy cupcakes! I picked chocolate ones :D
Then I mixed two different bowls of icing and food with pink!
And one with blue!!!
I cut into the cupcakes to make a space for the icing.
And I used a sandwich bag with the end cut off to put the icing inside the cupcakes!
It worked really well, even better than I had imagined!!
I separated both cupcakes and now all we have to do is wait for the big appt. tomorrow and then I will mix one of these in with the other cupcakes and someone will get one knows who!! And that is how we are going to tell our family the news!!!

playing with picnik

19 weeks!

Just a few things!!
  • We have one more day til we know BOY or GIRL!!! And what does my poll say so far??? I put my pole on my blog and right now the vote is 35% BOY and 64% GIRL! So far 48 ppl have voted!!! Are they right???? I cannot wait to see if everyone was right or if they will be surprised!!! I personally do not care if you are a BOY or a GIRL as long as you are healthy and thriving. You are already soo loved little one :D
  • Today I am 19 weeks pregnant and starting to feel you more and more! Daddy cannot wait to feel you move and get in on the action! Everytime you move now I tell him to feel my belly and then you stop moving. I am sure it will be a few more weeks before he can feel you move.
  • 19 Week Round Up:

How far along: 19 wks

Weight: Still not sure b/c I don't dare to ck myself at home. We will see at the doctor's appt. on Tuesday!

Sleep: I have gotten into the old college/teenage habit of going to sleep late and waking up late. Also, I still have to tinkle at least once in the middle of the night.

Best Moment of the Week: Gonna be Tuesday!!!!

Gender: Soon...Soon!!! YAY!!!

Maternity Clothes: Loving them and I just got a few new shirts so I am psyched!!! Recognize one of them in my belly pic???

Movement: U are very active in the evening and I am loving it!!! It is still little movements, but I can tell they are getting more pronounced!

What I miss: Nothing really :D I am a very content pg woman!!

Cravings: All the bad stuff! Especially sweet tea!!! And I have gotten sick of Japanese food, so I guess I am stuck with good ole southern food..YUM!

What I am looking forward to: TUESDAY!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Trust in the Lord and have FAITH in Him!!!! By my Daddy and Mrs. Arlene :D Thank you both for the reminder!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tickled for Tuesday!!!

Well Ladies and Daddy :D there is only 3 more days til the BIG U/S and I am so tickled!!!! Lately, I have noticed that my belly is getting bigger and along with it has come a lot of heartburn! It isn't too bad, just enough to let me know it is there. Also, I have been eating smaller meals b/c I just cannot eat as much as I used to eat. I am sure this is b/c everything is all scrunched up and there isn't as much room for my tummy as before. I have felt the baby move every now and then, and usually when I do..I stop to really concentrate and then babe doesn't move after that. However, on the way to the girl's dance recital the baby was moving and doing flips like crazy. I think he/she like the music we were listening to in the car :D The baby likes to move in the evening so I hope that won't hurt our chances to see the gender at Tuesday's early appt.

Another thing that is going on is in the morning my lower tummy is super sore! I have tried to sleep with a pillow for support, but during the night the pillow gets tossed. Even though I am tickled about tuesdays appt. I am still fearful of the worst. I think that experiencing an u/s like we did with the miscarriage has scarred me for life. I have been praying alot for babe and have told myself that it is out of my hands and in God's hands! I will be praying for help alot!!! Besides praying I just really have to stop myself from thinking bad things. It takes practice, but practice makes perfect!!!

Have y'all heard that the Duggars just had their 19th baby super early, so please keep them in your prayers. I watch their show every now and then and am a fan! I love how they love God and how they express their love on tv! I have often found myself taking notes in my head on how to be a christian parent from watching their show!

Well, I will try not to post too much before Tuesday, but I tend to post alot when I am nervous. So we will see!! I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and remember the reason for the season...JESUS!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Next Tuesday is going to be super eventful for us! We will find out if we are having our Sarah or Noah and then we get to share it with our family and friends. Todd and I thought about how to share with our family and decided to use cupcakes. We are going to have our family over Tuesday evening for dessert! I am going to make cupcakes ahead of time and fill one with blue icing and one with pink icing! Then once we know the gender I am going to put one of those icing filled cupcakes back in with the other cupcakes. There will only be everyone will have to take a big bite to see the answer!!! I cannot wait!!! Then after the family knows....I will blog and let y'all know!! I like how we are going to do it b/c we can do a little bit of shopping after our appt. and get to tell our family in a special way too! Now I just have to figure out how the heck you put icing in a cupcake! Anyone know?? I will ask Chef Google today :D hehe

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maternity Shirts!

I am heading into the BIG city tomorrow and they have a gapmaternity at the mall so I did some window shopping online and this is what I found!!!

I can't wait to get some more maternity clothes b/c my three tops and three bottoms are not cutting it!! I just want some more tops that I can wear anywhere and be comfy!!! I can't wait to see how these shirts pan out in person!!

18 week 1 day belly pics!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

18 wks 1 day!

Well, I totally forgot to do belly picture yesterday. I am hoping that I can get one today before Todd leaves for work! (if I do I will add the pic later to this post) I guess it doesn't help that I don't feel like getting my picture taken! We have one more week til the BIG ultrasound and I am ready!!! We were going to do something cute to tell cupcakes with blue or pink icing on the inside. Then we decided we may not! Who knows what we will decide to do. We may just send out a mass text :D and then go and register!!! HA

I had a freak out this morning again!!! Yes I am hormonal and a very protective momma. My neighbor just found out she has swine flu! Yep, it is just my luck!! I have now been exposed to strep, fifth's disease, and now swine flu!!! I am sure God is trying to tell me to stop trying to take all of this on myself and give it up to Him already. And I am trying and working hard on doing just that!!!! But even if I do give it up to God, I am still taking everything seriously and going to use the heck out of my antibacterial soap!!!! I use it every time I get into the car and I wash my hands every time I get home!!! I have NEVER washed my hands so much in my life! I am sure it will just get worse once this baby gets here! I need to invest into a huge bottle of hand sanitizer. I did buy three bottles the other day at tarjay! The tarjay brand smells so good and doens't make your hands feel yucky after you use it!

Round up for 18 wks!! Picture to come!!!
How far along~ 18 wks 1 day

Total wt gain/loss~ at the last OB appt. I had gained 3 lbs

Sleep~ good, but I do get up once to tinkle

Best Moment of this wk~ Getting Babe's crib and putting it together

Maternity Clothes~ Oh yes, they are a must and I need to buy more!!!

Gender~ We find out next week..eeeekkk!!!

Movement~ Every now and then I feel a little movement.

What I miss~ being able to keep my emotions under control!

Cravings~ Japanese food, home southern cooking, and my momma's hamburgers!!! Yum...maybe I can talk her into cooking some tonight!!!

What I am looking forward to~ Finding out Babe's gender next week and finally going shopping!!!

Wkly Wisdom~ Give it up to God, you cannot do it alone!!! I figured that one out on my own :D hehe

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Carley is 5!!!!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy CaRlEy!!!!! Here are some pics from my neecy poos birthday party!!!

My gorgeous Momma keeping warm inside! The sweetest pony that let the girls put tons of bows in her hair!
Carley putting those bows in the pony's hair :D
Todd and Brent playing a game..too cute!
Daddy and Todd! I love this pic of my two favorite men!!
Me and my sissy!!!
Todd holding the bunnies...both bunnies at once. He is going to be an amazing Daddy!
Anna Claire and the bunny! The girls LOVED the bunnies!
Carley didn't even want to go out and play..she wanted to mother the bunnies!
Me and the birthday girl! I cannot believe she is 5!!!! Wow, time flies!!!