Monday, December 29, 2008

What I have learned in 2008

Christmas is over and the new year is already here. Another year has seemed so slow sometimes, but now that I look back it went really fast. Momma told me that when I got older time would fly. I guess that is good for an impatient girl like me, huh?

I figured out a few things this year and would like to share some :D The biggest thing I figured out is that relaxing and not thinking about ttc does not equal a pregnancy. I knew this was the case all along, but I finally got to prove my theory. Last month I didn't even now what cd I was on and I honestly didn't care. I took HOT baths, worked out when I wanted, and didn't time "fun" anymore. And here I am not pregnant. So there...when ppl tell you that tell them that there was this study called Just Relax...and the results showed that relaxing does not work. Then maybe I can help them get off of your backs...since I have had no such luck with some ppl in my life.

Okay onto the second revelation. Shopping can help when AF comes. I have found that when I find out that there will be no baby that helps me just endulge for a little bit on myself and then I can pamper me for a change. You know you need it. You have spent all month yourself shots, hormonal, crying, avoiding all the fun stuff, and by golly you deserve a shopping trip.

Then I learned something about myself. It may contradict somethings I have written in the past..but oh well. I actually like staying at home. Being a housewife suites me. I enjoy my freedom and not having a boss. I'm not the best at it. For so long I would beat myself up about it. Like I wasn't living out my womanly duties to get a job and be independent. Then there was the dreaded sigh when I told ppl what I did..that was hard to do. I began to explain my life history to strangers just so they would understand why I decided to "just" be a housewife. Now I am proud of it. I feel VERY blessed that I am able to be at home.

Even though I have all this new found knowledge...I am still sitting here trying to decide if I am making the right decisions in my life. Well, I want to make the ones that lead to a baby. And I am constantly wondering if I should do this or that. Right now I am wondering if I should make sure my tubes are clear once again. Also, I am debating getting acupuncture. I guess it couldn't hurt :D


Heather said...

I'm with you on the stay at home thing. I always felt I had to validate my reason to stay home with a laundry list of reasons why it worked for us as a couple. But really, most people aren't judging - they could not care less. (or they are jealous because they have to carry their ass to work each day)

I Believe in Miracles said...

I like this post. I've had that worry about staying home vs. not staying home. At least right now, it's good to have the 2 incomes.

I'm so glad you had a great month of rest, relaxation and hot showers. I miss hot showers.


Michelle said...

Those are some great things to learn. I keep trying to tell my husband how great it would be if I stayed home but right now he is not going for it. I so wish we could afford i. So I say good for you.

BTW I love the new look.