Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas With Love!!!

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!
I really cannot believe that next week is Christmas. Usually I say that time flies, but it truly has this time. It was like hey Thanksgiving....then all of a sudden there was no time left before Christmas. Luckily I am pretty much done with shopping. I just need to get two more gifts and I am done. I have sent all of my Christmas cards out...well there were some that I couldn't get an they will get one next year.
Lately I have just been trying to get this house clean. I decided to go through my closet and get it organized. I organize a bit different then most people. I decided to take EVERYTHING out of my closet. Then I went through it all and ended up bagging three trash bags full of clothes I am going to donate. I also went through my shoes...I had shoes from high school!!! So I had to bag them up for donation. It was hard to part with some stuff, but Todd helped me just give it up. So now my closet actually has a floor and order to it. I am super proud...I will post some pics on the next post :D.
As for my cycle...I have NO idea where I am at. I didn't write down when AF showed before and so now I have no idea what day I am on. My one major concern is that I will be at a Christmas party and get AF. I have always been the type of person to know when to expect AF and to be prepared. I feel free this month. I am however, hoping to not see AF.
I just have to keep telling myself that I promised to give myself a few months. A few months of freedom from disappointment. I just can't believe I will have another Christmas and not be a mom. I really can't let myself think about that too much or I will get disappointed. I know it will be hard when I see my nieces and nephews on Christmas and wish I had some kiddos of my own.
To all of my SISTERS out there...Merry Christmas.....even if this is a sad time and a hard reminder of how long we all have been ttc. We have to remember the reason for the season. Jesus Christ!! I love you all and hope the new year gives us the gift we all have been praying for :D


Michelle said...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

shauna said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and a New Year that brings you what you really desire. Still praying for you.