Monday, November 10, 2008

wzup with me

I guess to say I have been avoiding everything ttc is an understatement. Well really I have avoided letting myself really sit down and type out how I have been feeling and process everything thus far. Right now we are taking a break and doing it old school. Well plus the metformin. But other than that...oh and opks...we are just winging it :D

Which sounded easy, but of course I should have known better. I think I got a positive OPK....I can never be sure of myself reading those stupid lines. Neways...a day after that I get this HORRIBLE UTI!!!! I mean I was in some pain. Like an idiot I took some AZO meds and some ibuprofen and thought it went away. I didn't realize that would only dull the pain and not touch the infection. By the time I realized that it was I had to wait til today to go see my dr. It all worked out in the end, he wrote me a rx and I am on my way to healing. BUT we lost so much valuable there is no way I am banking on this month being the month I get knocked up.

So that just plain SUCKS!!!! And I find myself noticing stuff more often these days. For instance, as I was leaving the grocery store today I noticed all the kids toys lined up in the front of the store on display...they were all just screaming SEE WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE....HAHAHAHA!!!! Then I leave and there is this cute couple with two kiddos and I think darn it Dana snap out of this spiral of negativity. Somedays are just like that though!!

On a lighter more pleasant note. I have been reading, well really more like addicted to, this might of heard of it. Twilight!!!! IT is AWESOME. I am on the third book and can't wait til Nov. 21 to see the movie. If you haven't read it, TRUST ME, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! Just try to put it down :D Enough said.

Sending all you, my sistas, some love and hugs!!!!


Nichole said...

It is so good to hear from you. We are also on a break with OPK's and Metformin. We will do this until January and then possibly move on to another RE from there.

And...TWILIGHT!!!!! THE BEST BOOK SERIES I HAVE EVER READ...AND REREAD. Yep...I have actually started reading them again just for the fun of it. I am going to see the movie with a group of girls...better get there will be sold out!

Miss Mac said...

In between RE treatments here too... always hoping:]

Just finished book #4- so sad that this was the last one (but I heard there's a prequel coming). Will also be at the movies next week. Great series!!!