Friday, November 21, 2008


Thank you all for your super sweet supportive comments!!! Try not to say that three times fast....super sweet supportive..hehe I am trying to be in a better mood. I have decided that I am not going to make my house spotless for our company this wkend. I just really don't feel like cleaning. And I am going to do my best to enjoy all the plans for the wkend. Then on Monday I am going to give myself permission to just completely fall apart and grieve. Hopefully, I won't have to. There is just something about starting a new cycle. I just feel blessed that I can start a new cycle and try again. There were a few times where stupid AF didn't show and wouldn't even let me start over. That was HORRIBLE!! And anyone out there experiencing that...I am sooooo soooo sorry.

Not that you would want to know, but AF is kickin my hiney this month. I am cramping like crazy. I would expect to birth a child after all of this pain. Not to mention the crabbiness, complete exhaustion, and the need to eat EVERYTHING in sight. Just some advice, Do not go shopping after you get AF. I decided to buy everything I have not allowed myself to eat. My favorites were cocoa pebbles and chips with ranch dip. It made me feel good to say JUST SCREW IF...I am eating whatever the heck I want. In her face...hehe. Oh I could go and take a LONG nap right now....I am so tired. And it is freezing outside. So wrapping up in some warm blankets sounds very nice.

Oh yeah, my whole point for this post was to post some things I am thankful for...sorry I got sidetracked.

I am thankful for sooo much:
1. All of you!!! I wouldn't even be this sane without all of my sisters :D
2. My hubby and furbaby Maggie, They are my sweet little family. And lastnight Todd wrapped his arms around me and Maggie snuggled in with us. It was the best feeling.
3. For Twilight the movie....and the book series. It has helped me take my mind of off IF. And have something to look forward to.
4. My friends...for putting up with my moods and the ups and downs of IF.
5. For Christmas songs. Especially the radio station here that plays nothing but Christmas has helped my mood A LOT!!!

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Nichole said...

It sounds like you are doing really well. I am so proud of you for putting your needs first! I hope you are able to have a wonderful weekend!

By the way...I know all TOO well the hell that AF can put you in when she is late without a purpose. I am glad she is visiting so you can put this cycle behind you and forge ahead!