Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hot baths here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have officially LOST it!! AF showed and so of course...DUH...I am not pg, right? Well, I haven't been feeling well lately. Moody, nauseous, bloated, achy, headaches, etc. And AF is I knew the symptoms weren't due to that witch! Then last night I had the WORST heartburn ever. And I didn't eat anything that would have given me heartburn. Or at least that is what I told myself. SO today I bought some pg tests at the grocery store and actually took the stupid test. I was hoping that it was positive. And you all know it was negative.

Have I lost my mind??? I think I might be losing it slowly. I guess this "break" we are on is more stressful than doing the shots and the constant RE visits. I have really put so much into this break working and us not having to do IVF. You always hear stories of how couples get pg when they are on a break, and leave it to me to make it stressful. So you know what. I forgot to put down when I started....and I don't plan to count the days and figure it out. I am going to let myself be clueless this month and if it happens. I am going to go to the gym and take my classes and kick butt, without an ounce of worry of getting pg. I am going to eat what I moderation of course. And if I feel like taking a HOT bath. Darn it I AM!!!!


Leslie Laine said...

I know what you mean - sometimes being on a break is harder than months when something is actually going on treatment-wise.

Make December a Rockin' month in which you do all things you never allow yourself to do - drink all the caffeine and wine you want, take all the hot baths you want, and exercise to your heart's content!

Make the month all about you!!

Thinking of you...

Michelle said...

IF totally plays with your mind. I am also on break and every month I still play the same games with myself.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I've totally taken PG tests after AF. It's weird, isn't it. I LOVE HOT BATHS and SHOWERS. Try to think off all the positive things to do while on a break. They definitely make it worth it. Then you can be rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to roll after.