Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IF rollercoaster

So if IF is a rollercoaster ride...then I am still on way up the huge hill. And this hill is getting bigger by the minute. You know when you are on that hill you are anticipating the ride down the hill...and usually there are curves and more hills ahead. Neways...just thought about that analogy so I had to share.

I am on CD 8 and I went for my 2nd ultrasound today....gearing up for IUI #2!! So far so good. I go back to the RE again on Thursday. I understand and appreciate all of the ultrasounds, but that drive so early in the morning is kicking my hiney. I was like a zomby on the drive this morning. I know...not the safest way to drive, huh? The RE told me today that I have some follicles on each side...so I guess that means they could possible mature enough to produce some eggos :D I am not getting my hopes up for tons of them...because I did that last time and ended up with only one stinkin egg. Which I was very thankful for...but I had in my mind that doing and IUI would help me produce more eggs and give me a higher chance of getting preggers.

My RE told me today that slow and steady wins the race. Yeah...while I am in the stirrups looking and hoping for some follies...I wasn't sure how to take that. So I just said yep. I am not going to let myself analyze that.....I am not...for real.

On the Maggie front...our new lil' pup!! She is doing great. It is tough potty training her...because she is so little with such a little bladder. And we dont' have a fenced for our backyard...so sometimes she thinks she can play keep away with me and run. Which scares me to death. So I tried to use a collar and leash...but they are too big for her and slip right off of her head. I feel like I have a newborn, because I am getting up super early to let her out and staying up super late to take her out. What the heck...I am taking this dog out like every 30 minutes...it is getting tough. I guess I will have to accept a few accidents in the house every now and then. If anyone has any tips...PLEASE share them!!

On the job front....I subbed again on Monday and the class was great. I felt more confident and I think I was able to get back into the swing of things. I have enjoyed subbing so far....especially the paycheck :D So as you can see I am trying to keep myself busy...but not too busy. There is a delicate balance I am trying to figure out.

SO here's to making a bunch of follies to make a bunch of eggs...to getting knocked up...to potty training maggie....and figuring out how to work and do all that housework.

I hope everyone else is doing great...have an awesome rest of the week.

OH YEAH*** I gave myself a shot lastnight. Usually DH does it or my awesome friend. But I actually did it lastnight all by myself..and I didn't faint. SO whoooohooooo!!


Jill said...

Lots of updates! Good luck with the IUI and potty training your puppy! Charlie is 1 year old already and still not house trained. I'm sure you'll have better luck

I Believe in Miracles said...

I like the hill analogy. Very good!!

With Maggie -- I read this book: "The Art of Raising A Puppy" (if you google it it should come up or you can borrow from the library) and I totally think it was an awesome training book. I read it for a 1 year old dog, and a ton of stuff applied. It's definitely geared more towards puppies.

Yeah for keeping busy and giving your own shots. I start tomorrow morning...


Michelle said...

Grow follies grow!!! I just can't get over how darn cute your puppy is. I hope all goes well for you. ((HUGS))