Monday, September 8, 2008

God and My Dad!!!

Okay God I am hearing you LOUD and CLEAR. It is amazing to me that I have actually been spoken to by God. You always say things like how he spoke to your heart. But if you really think about how cool it is that God....I mean come on...God actually wants to speak to me. When I think about blows my mind. I feel very blessed and loved. I have been praying for God to show me the life He has planned for me. And he is revealing it to me in pieces.

First of all, I decided to start sub. teaching at a local school. I have a degree....just haven't been using it. DH and I thought we would have a baby and I could stay at home...well two years later and no baby. And I am getting restless to say the least. I enjoy my time at home and am VERY grateful, but I know I need to do more right now. I went today to the school and hopefully they will be calling me soon. When I got home today I called my dad to chat. He sends out inspirational thoughts via e-mail each day and he told me he sent me the one for Tuesday already and wanted me to review it. It was about me. This is what the e-mail said:

I would like for you to read and give me the feedback on these thoughts! They are very special to someone very special to me. I love you, Dad

Welcome Tuesday!!!!
A great day in all of our lives, for God gave us another one!!!! Right??
I believe life starts at conception. Let's just see how life begins after the great event of coming into this world. With a blast , you are here, relief to your Mother, and a shock and scary time for you, until you are placed in the arms of your mother. You then are comforted by the arms and love that surround you, you are safe!!!! Well, from there you go to the accountability of your life, this is what God says. When you get there (you will know your age of accountability), you are then responsible for your life and your actions. You can pray and accept Jesus, and just as you felt the arms of comfort from your mother at birth, you will feel this warm wrap around you as you have never felt before. He will carry you through all good times, and hard times. You just have to call on Him. So your life has begun, and then we still sometimes, stop and say, when will my life begin? This statement is one of misdirection. Life has and is going at full speed. Your requests may have not been met, but that only means that you need to look at the fork in the road , and see what God has posted for you to follow. It will show two signs, ME, and GOD! Follow the sign that reads"GOD", and then your life will keep going, not beginning, but continuing,, in His name and not your wants.... What ever will come, will come,, trust me, even if it is not exactly what you had in mind, but you will feel the direction, just give in and accept it. Get out there in this world and participate with the world, and get away from the cocoon of home safety. Work for His cause and then you will see

Lord, thank You for being the driver of my life, and may we all put our full trust in You , amen John HIcks Concerned !!!! Pray, Pray!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it cool how I had already went out to apply for a job and didn't even read this yet. It just confirms what I need to do...even if I am nervous about sub. teaching. It has been a I just have to get back in the swing of things. If anyone out there wants to get my dad's inspirational thoughts each day...just send me your e-mail address and I will give it to him. He loves adding new people to the list.
I know that I still will have my moments where I feel like I am standing still and just waiting, but I am going to try to move forward and see what GOD has in store for me. I will always yearn to be a this will be a daily struggle. A struggle of either getting in my safe cocoon or getting out in the world and living. I pray God gives me the strength to do this....especially when I see other moms with their children. I pray that it won't make me so sad. Lord...thank you for helping me down this path. I am always in need of road signs and direction on where to go. Please help all of us who feel like we are just waiting for life to us to see the life around us and get back to living it. In Jesus Precious Name....Amen!!!
I just couldn't wait to show you our newest edition to the family. IT IS A GIRL :D We just adopted a sweet little Yorkie. We will get her in two weeks and I can't wait. I have a new meaning to the TWW...hehe Here is a picture of our angel. Her name is Maggie. As soon as I get her I will put tons of more pics on here.


I Believe in Miracles said...

Your new dog is adorable!!

allyouwhohope said...

Oh my gosh, she is SOOO cute! I got a dog when we first started dealing with infertility and she has been my saving grace through all of this. She is totally my baby and I always say I feel sorry for her because of how much I need to mother her! I can't wait to see more pictures of Maggie!