Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall already :D Yippee!!!

This week has been going good. I have been wrapped up in reading about Yorkies and figuring out what to I will be prepared when we get Maggie. It is so nice to think about something else besides IF. Of course I still think about it, but it is a nice break to focus on something else. Today I cleaned the downstairs....a lot...I mean mopping, dusting (and I have tons of junk to dust), etc. Now I have to go upstairs and work on cleaning the bedroom. Which for some my least favorite thing to do. I really don't mind getting the downstairs in order. I don't know...maybe because I don't spend much time up there.

Oh and I am so psyched. I know it is WAY too early for this...but I put out my fall wreath and my fall rug. I haven't went crazy with all the pumpkins and such, but I just had to put some of it out. I love fall...I love all things fall...fall colors...fall holidays...fall festivals...fall weather....fall decor...EVERYTHING!! I am just going to imagine it is already fall. When does fall officially start anyways?? Halloween is especially a fun time for just reminds me of being a kid and being silly. I have been debating having a little Halloween party at my house this year. A great excuse to dress up and have some fun.

As far as my cycle...I am trying not to think about it. I am sure I will when I get closer to O or AF. So I am just enjoying the first two weeks...they are always better than the last two of the cycle.'s an early Happy Fall Y'all!!! HEHE