Friday, August 8, 2008


I just had to vent about the man I heard on the radio the other night. DH loves the a.m. stations and we ended up listening to some idiot that was mad about IUI and IVF. He started out by talking about Jon and Kate Plus 8 and how they had sextuplets and spent tons of money. Then he had a friend that spent at least $30,000 on IVF. He said that this was sad because we were being selfish by wanting a child in our own image. He basically said that we were responsible for all of the unwanted/abused/and neglected children in the world. And why wouldn't we just stop being so selfish and adopt some of these children. He took calls, but luckily for him it was busy and I couldn't get through. This outraged begin with. Then I realized he did not know what it was like to walk our path of infertility. To yearn for something that so many people take for granted. I wanted to ask him if he had kids and why he didn't just get "snipped" and not have kids but adopt. I am sure that he would think differently if he had to walk this walk. I have learned not to judge anyone else's situation unless I have been there done that. There is no way I could say "oh you should do...."

Which makes me realize even more how much infertility has made me grow as a person and a christian. Of course, after I cooled off, I felt sorry for this man. Don't get me wrong I am FOR ADOPTION. I totally believe in it and will go that route if that is what God has planned for me. I just have to go down all my paths to make sure. That is my decision and everyone varies on what they want to far as...IF treatments or straight to adoption.

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