Sunday, August 17, 2008

So far so good!!

So I am about to do my 5th ultrasound and bloodwork appt. tomorrow. I think it is my final one to determine when we do the IUI. My RE increased my dose of follistim and added centratide to the mix. And yes I may misspell these names so please don't quote me on it :D The centratide was HORRIBLE. My first shot of it HURT a lot. Mainly because it burned and then itched. I soon realized that I was a bit allergic to it because the injection spot turned red and wept up. Of course, DH came to the rescue and gave me some medicine and cream to help with the allergic reaction. Of course, I freaked out and thought I was going to die. Luckily, I didn't and all was well. My shot today wasn't as bad as yesterday and the injection spot just turned a little red this time.

Then because my RE increased my dose of Follistim.....I ended up not having enough to get me through to Monday. So I was freaking out.....because I can't just go to the corner pharmacy and get more. This is when I just adored the medicine makers. Or atleast the medicine fillers. My nurse said they tend to put a bit more than what is labeled on the vile. And luckily...Thank God....they did. They had just enough left to finish me off.

I am definitely still emotionally challenged right now. I have noticed that things bug me more so than usual. And with takes A LOT to make me mad. Maybe not much to make me cry, but A LOT to make me mad. So needless to say I have been mad a lot more lately...due to those good ole hormones. I have decided not to do the whole...oh I feel like this is the cycle. And I refuse to plan for what if it doesn't work. I somehow think that thinking that may jinx the procedure. Yep, I will do anything that works. Even if it is superstitious.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and my RE appt. I hope for great news and a date for the IUI.

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I Believe in Miracles said...

Sorry about the allergic reaction to the shots! That does not sound good at all. BUT I do hope that it helps everything work for your RE apt tomorrow.

I do tons - ok several - things that I think will not "jinx" me. But I cannot tell if they'll work or not. Grr.