Sunday, August 31, 2008

Skinny shorts, God's beauty...and Christmas??

YIPPEE.... I got to wear my "skinny" shorts today. I still can't believe they fit me. I had on my other shorts and they were feeling a bit baggy, especially in the crotch. Ya know when your shorts are hanging on your hips (barely). So I went into my closet of all of my old clothes. I couldn't look at my old skinny clothes anymore, so I put them in another closet and hid them away. I decided what the heck I will try them on...and they fit. I was super thrilled.

DH and I got to get away this weekend and had a blast. We went to visit with my sis and her a cabin. We are pretty tired now and really just want to spend Labor day in our P.J.s just watching t.v. and being lazy. The only thing we NEED to do is plant some trees DH bought. Let me just share some photos from the trip of all the beauty God has created. You can't refuse His existence once you lay your eyes on these photos :D

Pic by my sissy

Even some old dead corn stalk is beautiful!!!

I guess I have staggered around it enough. The only thing that has been on my mind is ya know.....wanting a BFP tomorrow. I feel like it is the night before Christmas, except I am not sure if Christmas is coming or not. So I guess we will see if Christmas comes early for us or not. Just be prepared for anything from me tomorrow.


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I Believe in Miracles said...

Your pictures are amazing. I cannot believe that purple flower - beautiful!!