Friday, August 29, 2008

Signs...Signs...Everywhere Signs!!

I totally believe in signs. I am sure that there are some signs that I might make into signs and therefore don't really count. But there are so many signs out there and usually they point right to our journey. I have been having MAD dreams lately. First they started off really wacky...I couldn't even explain them. Then they turned into pg dreams. Mostly of ppl telling me I was pg. The one I can really remember was of me in the RE's office and I went to nurse after nurse and each one would smile and say I have a surprise but you aren't having Quads...Triplets...etc. Each one went until the last nurse said You are pregnant. And I fainted. That was a great dream. I could feel the excitement and shock.

And for some reason...some of my dreams do come true. They aren't like predictions or anything, just some of them come true and then I remember I dreamed about it before it happened. I am sure we have all had our moments like that. Then there is the whole testing on labor day thing. Okay I know that is not a lot of signs. But they are better then none, right?

For once I am allowing myself to get my hopes up. I know this can be dangerous and I know the risks. I know that God will take care of me no matter what. So I am raising my hopes and walking tall. Warning: be prepared for this to bite me in the HINEY!! So be prepared for future sad posts if I get a BFN.

I am going to try and not post until I test on Monday. We will see how that goes!!!

Happy Wkend to Everyone...Hope y'all have a great Labor day!!!

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