Friday, August 1, 2008

Night before testing jitters!!

I just got home with my hubby from eating out. Firehouse Subs are the BEST!! He is asleep in the living room. Poor thing has worked so much lately. And I am here thinking about the morning and will I finally get a BFP or another BFN. I honestly don't feel pg, and keep wondering if 14 dpo is too early to test. My RE told me to test it is his fault if it is too early. I bought two tests from the dollar store. I guess I am going to test again....well maybe not. I don't know really. Should I just test tomorrow and if it is the dr. and make an appt. Or should I test again on Monday??? Monday will be CD 30. I was fine today, but as soon as I came home I got all anxious. Usually I am anxious in the way that I think I am pg, but tonight I am anxious cause I don't think I am pg. I mean of course there is this iddy bitty tiny little bit of hope for a positive.

I had to get on here and just let it all out. I was hoping that would help...guess I have more to get out. Okay, so my hubby and I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow evening. It is our little cousin's birthday. I hope that a BFN doesn't make me all bummed and moody. Then I will be worse when I see all of those cute kids at the party. And there we will be...the only ones without kids. Okay...stop being negative. Gotta be positive, keep the hope. Here is my plan. Plans always comfort me. I am going to watch the Ghost Whisperer...then hit the sack. Wake up and TEST...YIKES!!

Then if it is a BFN...I am gonna blog like crazy and cry a bit. If it is a positive I will...oh my goodness...I have NO idea what I will do. I may faint. I may go into shock and not be able to move. Either way I know I will blog. Then I will call my dr. and make an appt. Okay I am ready. We will see what happens in the morning...thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, crossing toes and fingers...and love from all of you.


Heather said...

GAH! I'm nervous with you! Good luck!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

***BIG HUGS***