Thursday, August 14, 2008


It is not hard to obey God's rule to love thy neighbor. Especially when you have a neighbor like mine :D She came over this afternoon with her cutie pie son and gave me these GORGEOUS roses. Roses are my favorite flower. She knows about the whole IF stuff...she actually has been giving me my shots when DH is at work. So she knows this has been rough. And she is a busy woman with two kiddos...who did not have to take the time to think about me. But of course, being the sweet hearted person she is...she did think of me. And this just made my heart soar. Ya know as soon as I think I can't take anymore of these shots or feeling like she comes with a bit of encouragement. And I feel like I can continue onward in this crazy journey.

God has really blessed me with so many wonderful ppl to help me through IF. And of course, there are times when I do feel all alone and all sad, but she makes me feel like she actually understands that constant unfulfilled yearning to be a mom in my heart. Thank you soooo much sweet friend and neighbor.

So far...I will go into see my RE on Saturday for another ultrasound and bloodwork. My nurse said my bloodwork was okay, but I am not sure if she was just saying that to make me not worry or not. We will see. Hopefully all this feeling like crap is a sign of only good things to come. I am looking forward to the day that I feel more like myself.


I Believe in Miracles said...

What a fabulous neighbor!!! Wow.
I love flowers. I think they have the ability to make me SO happy instantaneously. Yeah. What a blessing.

Leslie Laine said...

I feel that way too, sometimes - I feel so amazed and blessed by the wonderful people around me. I love your flowers - makes me smile just to see them!

Amy C said...

That's so sweet of your neighbor!! Good luck next week!