Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day?? A sign maybe!!

6 More Days til Test Time!!!!

I get butterflies in my tummy thinking about the possibility of being pg. I daydream about it often. I even get excited about the morning sickness that will come. Because that is a SURE sign of pregnancy. I will be so proud of my growing belly. I can't imagine what if feels like to be pg. It must feel like a miracle. What an awesome bond. Oh I just get sooo excited about it. I think it is good to let myself dream about it every now and again. I definitely don't want to get my hopes up...but who cares...I can dream. The other night DH and I went to see Tro.pic Thu.nder (Downey was hilarious) and I saw a cute pregnant woman in there. I just knew that was a sign that I will soon be there too. I just wanted to stare at her because she was my size with my hair color and I could imagine myself being pg. Of course, I didn't stare because I didn't want her to think I was a wacko. I just can't wait to experience pregnancy.

Right now I have no pg symptoms, which doesn't really worry me. I am sure because everyone I has told me that they didn't feel any different when they were pg until after like 7 weeks. I am a bit nauseous...but that could be because I forgot to take my metformin right after bkfast. I took it like an hour after. So that could have made me sick.

I was thinking I am so glad that I have had this past week to get over all those shots and moodiness. I mean....I HATED those shots everyday. And when I was done with them I thought for sure that I would never do that again. But now I have recovered somewhat and have the strength to do it again...if need be. The only thing that makes me worry that this didn't work is because I only had one follie. So only one egg. Well, unless it splits. Which twins run in my family and DH's family. I would LOVE having twins. Then if it is difficult again to get pg I would already have 2 kiddos. And I am sure it will be hard next time too. Especially if I already have one to look out for and do all those shots...whew. I am just exhausted thinking about it.

Happy Soon to be Labor Day Wkend to Everyone!!! Hey, I just realized it is Labor day and I am testing on that day. Maybe that is another sign. I pray it is!!!

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