Monday, August 25, 2008

Freak Out # 1

I lasted as long as I could before I started freaking out about...well...everything. I have tried not to look at my calendar to calculate how much more time I have before I can test....yeah that didn't last long. I think I am suppose to test 14 days after the IUI. Or is it 14 days after my trigger shot?? I don't really know. My RE always says 12 days. But that scares me. Too early means uncertainty. I went online to see if I could find some knowledge about my injections and how it all happens. I found a site with animation of what happens and it was really cool. Of course, it wasn't tailored to my specific situation so it just didn't do.

It is like I am waiting for someone to tell me what will happen. I have even considered begging for a blood pg test. But I know I can't even do that til closer to time of AF and then they have to send off the blood and by then I can POAS. So I have 8 more days to wait. And that feels like a lifetime. My entire future depends on what happens in 8 days. I will either be pg or still on my journey to pg. And those two paths are VERY different. I want to trade in my IF days for PG days. You know how you get to a point and you think....this is the last straw. I am so almost there. A point where if this doesn't work I have to just get away from it all and be FREE!!!

8 more days is a LONG time...think about is 192 hours...about 7,920 minutes!!! Way too long for someone like me to have idle time on my hands. I guess I need to come up with somethings to keep me busy this week and weekend. Okay....DH is off tomorrow so we could do something. Then I am calling all friends for support for the rest of the week...keep me occupied...PLEASE. We are going out with my sis this wkend so that is covered. Then I just have two more days to fill. I don't want to wish my life away by any means...I just want to know. I guess so I can either REJOICE or MOVE ON!!

I am sure Freak Out #'s 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be coming soon!!!
Any advice on how you made it through the tww and was still sane...let me know!!!


I Believe in Miracles said...

Plain and simple - find ways to think about something else. I have a 2ww distraction list. Mostly chores and such to try and get my mind off of me and onto something else - like paint the guest room, cook a meal for friends, go visit someone, or write a card.

I'm not a tester - so I just wait, and wait. I've been super regular so I haven't had to test once AF comes (or the spotting starts), but I think the earliest you can test is 10 days after IUI. I think technically the accuracy goes up a lot at 14 days.

Be right here with you - a couple days behind. Here is to us and a baby at the end of this 2ww!! Be praying for you too.


I'm Lisa said...

I just did my first IUI with injections/trigger shot. And here was my timing: trigger on Thursday pm, IUI on Saturday am; TWW (ugh); test on Friday (using OTC), if positive go in on Saturday for blood test; if blood test positive go in 3 days later...hope that helps.

I'm also extremely regular and won't test until AF is late, which hasn't occurred.

You do have to figure out how to make those two weeks work for you. This last time we were even in Maui for a week and it's still hard to not think about it constantly.