Friday, August 8, 2008

The day after the shot

Update: day after the shot....I still feel like myself...well sort of. I have had this annoying headache ALL day. I think it is finally fading...only like 5 hours after I took Tylenol. I am also SUPER tired. I am sleepy like ya know after you eat a yummy lunch and want to just curl up with a blanket and catch some Zs.

I was bad as far as my diet today. Dairy Queen should just not serve me anymore. It is all their fault. I just couldn't help myself. Today was soooooo HOT. So now I feel a bit guilty for eating that mouth watering hot fudge sundae. It was a small and I didn't eat it all. I know...still bad. The good news is I weighed myself yesterday and miraculously I have lost 1 and 1/2 lbs. Maybe God knew I would bloat up from my meds so he is throwing me a bone. I really need to get serious about my diet....I am going to get hardcore. I want a baby and if my diet is at all hurting those chances then I have gotta get it under control. My plan is to bring in my family and friends. I will let them know that I am trying to do better and to call me out on any of my bad choices. Well, I will just tell a few friends and my hubby. Not the entire FAM. I need something as a reminder.

Also, I am worried about what else I can do this cycle to help out the the whole IUI. Do I need to be super relaxed....or work out hard....or eat super healthy (obviously limit carbs and what about caffeine, or fried stuff). And then my nurse said to keep up with the intercourse. Well how do I time that out. My concern is that ya know DH has to abstain for 24-48 hours before insemination. So what if I go in next week and they are like okay we are ready. And I didn't time out intercourse we can't. confused and over analyzing. I just want to do everything I can on my part. So any advice is very welcomed.


Leslie Laine said...

Hi there - I tried to take it as easy as possible after my IUIs. I just thought it was important to do as much as possible to make it work. I watched Little House on the Prairie (one of my favorite, relaxing past-times) and tried to visualize good things happening in my body. I refrained from hot baths, caffeine, working out - absolutely NOOO running. As for the sex thing, we started refraining a few days before we thought I was going to ovulate so that there would be 4-5 days of no sex before the procedure. That seemed to work pretty well in terms of L's sperm count. I hope this helps - I'm hoping this is a very positive cycle for you!

And, by the way, a little sundae from DQ sounds like a great reward for going through something really hard! I know you're trying to watch your diet, but a little slip here and there is perfectly justified in my opinion!

Thinking of you and following along! :)


I Believe in Miracles said...

We have had a terrible time trying to figure out when to have the IUIs. All of them have only been a day and a half of abstaining... because we couldn't figure out timing (and then when I thought I had it, I O'd early). BUT - what was encouraging - was that the dr said we could do 2-7 days (instead of the 2-3 which is listed on the sheet). That might help with your planning some, i.e. you can go cd 12 and then if you ovulate anywhere from cd14 to cd19, you should be ok.

I think small slips are ok. I finally made it under 150lb!! I'm so excited. Clothes-less of course, but still. Haven't been here in a LONG time. You can do it!! Everything in small amounts of moderation. :o)