Monday, August 18, 2008

The Date Is Set

The date is set!!! IUI is scheduled for Wednesday morning. I am sooo psyched!! and nervous...and scared...and hopeful. Just a ton of emotions. I am REALLY happy that I only have to do one more shot tonight and then I am DONE!! And I have faith that I am done FOR GOOD!! The RE appt. today was, but good news is way better than bad news. My RE said everything was looking good. So tonight at 8 I will get my trigger shot and be ready for Wed.

After Wed. I am taking it easy. Maybe a bit of LIGHT housecleaning and cooking, but that is it. I am going to make sure to get all this stuff in order before the big day. I have a lot to do. Dishes, floors, dusting, wash clothes....I am tired just typing about it. I know is probably sounds weird but I enjoy my housewife duties...they are fun. Well, sometimes cleaning bites.

Oh yeah, and I told DH he couldn't shave his beard until we know if this works or not. Somehow I think that will help. I know I am crazy, but he is still not shaving his beard...just in case :D hehe
Happy Monday to everyone....I will be freaking out again tomorrow....and posting like crazy.


SAHW said...

Alright! I will be thinking happy thoughts for you for Wednesday!!
Thanks for your sweet comment know, I had been thinking about this "post" for the last two weeks, thinking, wouldn't it be funny if I just ordered all these mega packs and other stuff and then got pregnant? And then I imagined my post...but I didn't think it would actually happen!! All those unused pee sticks, lube, and Clomid I am more than happy to have, as long as this pregnancy sticks and stays healthy. :)
I pray the same will happen for you after this IUI as well!

I Believe in Miracles said...

YEAH!! What great news. I hope this will be the "it" cycle for you too.

Made me smile a lot about the not shave beard. That's pretty awesome.