Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tomorrow is 11DPO

Tomorrow will be 11 DPO!!!! The days are going by so slow, but I don't want to wish away my life...although a few days wouldn't hurt. I have been cramping a lot tonight, but I think it was because I ate some peach cobbler with lunch. It was soooo yummy. That sugar tasted REALLY sweet. I guess I am not used to real sugar anymore. It was my splurge for the week.

I have noticed that ever since I am on my metformin...I am either sick and don't want to eat or all of a sudden I am starving and must eat right away. Then after I eat a little I am done. That is the total opposite of me...I live for food.

Neways~ We will see on Saturday if me ovulating this month actually did the trick. Well the RE said to test 12 or 14 days after I got my surge. I am a bit scared of poas!! I just dread the BFN. Which is usually what I see. I am going to test on Saturday...that will be 14 days after my surge. If I get a BFN I will just call my RE...for next month we have planned for IUI with infectibles. So there, I have a plan...that should make me feel better. And it does a little. I am going to be hopeful and not let Satan take any of my hope. I am taking back my hope and keeping it!!! And if it doesn't happen, then I will give myself time to cry and jump right back on this rollercoaster ride of infertility for many more rounds ;D


SAHW said...

I hate the whiteness of a BFN too...and I gave in and tested last month, but before that, I hadn't tested in a year. Now I know not to test unless I'm at least a couple of days late!

Yay for having a plan! :) It does make you feel better, doesn't it? For me, it makes me feel like I can take the current situation and disappointment better, knowing that I have something planned for next time.

Heather said...

Hopefully you won't have to go through more rounds!

I was always excited but dreaded the pee sticks too. Good Luck!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

As for POAS - I never do this. I think the idea of testing is the worst. I freak out. I am usually pretty regular with AF, so I know when I'm bfn. I tested once really on in our journey, but never since. Last cycle I was like -- wait until x day. I think it was a Sunday which was d12. I started spotting and had temp drop before that. I'm hoping these next couple days go swiftly for you and that the cramps were food related. :o)

Which leads me to... I love having a plan!! I think it makes this whole journey so much more bearable.

Sorry to hear about the sickness on metformin. That doesn't sound fun at all. I love food. This calorie diet restriction is a pain in the butt. Peach cobbler. Stop. You're making me drool. Seriously, I love that stuff. I think that's my biggest problem - my sweet tooth.