Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks SOOO Much Y'all!!

I just got on my blog and saw all the awesome comments I got. I thought WOW this thing is way more therapuetic than I even imagined!! Thanks to all of you that commented and made me feel sooo very welcome :D I am still learning how to work this whole blog thing. And since practice makes I go again :D

I am on CD 19 and in the dreaded 1ww now. Well plus a few days. My mind is of course playing tricks with I am trying not to even think about it. Yeah right...everytime I feel the smallest gas pain..I am like ohhhh implantation. I know I need a life. On the bright side my increased dosage of metformin hasn't made me have all day sickness...minus the miracle at the end. I am actually hungrier now...or I am having CARB withdrawals. I have been so bad lately. With PCOS as so many of you know....I try to avoid carbs and such. But I can't help it if the carbs keep coming over uninvited. All I want to eat is pizza, rice, pasta, and of course anything sweet. I would love a HUGE bowl of icecream right now. However, my hubby has been supportive and tried to remind me not to eat all that wonderful stuff.

How do y'all do it, and what the heck do ya eat??? I miss my comfort foods soooo much. Plus I am so not good at any kind of diet, but I know I need to be. For example, the other day I decided to eat super healthy. Apparently my nurse said I was going into sugar shock or lack thereof...there is a technical term for it, but my tired/hungry brain can't think what it is. Well, I was getting very dizzy and a bit confused. My nurse told me to drink a glass of OJ, so I did and then my parents brought me over some yummy comfort food and I felt much better. Do any of my fellow pcosers know what or atleast how much of those yummy comfort foods I can have?? You know like: rice, pasta, pizza, potatoes, icecream, and much much more :D

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Heather said...

I'm sure someone around here knows...being the internets and all. I don't.

Mostly I eat a lot of chicken (usually baked in the oven) and I have it with veggies - different veggies because I'm crazy like that.

Soups and chilli and casseroles that have lots of veggies/meat and less rice/noodles. (and are also easy to cook because you put them in the slow cooker or in the oven and let them do their thing)

For me, having a bad reaction to foods with the metformin really made it easy for me to avoid them. I was tired of being sick from them and afraid to leave the house because when it struck there really wasn't time to find a bathroom.