Saturday, July 26, 2008

CD 21 Freak Out...Last Night Hang out...and a Recipe!! OH MY!!!

I really shouldn't get my hopes up just b/c I ovulated. But I do anyway. I have been daydreaming about being a mom a lot lately. I used to stop myself from doing that because it was just sad. Now I feel like I may have the actual chance to be a mom. Wow...I guess that is where all my hope is coming from. I am on CD 21, it is 7 DPO!!! I have one more week and I MIGHT test. What the heck...I am soo going to the dollar store and testing like crazy. Although I do fear the dreaded POAS!! But I always somehow end up buying the pg I know I will do it. I just hope I can hold out a LONG time before I buy one...cause then I might take it too early and then that horrible ugly BFN will show.

Oh I hope it doesn't show....oh I pray....I plead. I know, I know it will happen when it is suppose to. Now I feel like I am arguing with myself. I wish I could just let go. Whatever the heck that means. My RE told me : " when you get a positive call us and we can confirm the pregnancy" I was in utter shock from ovulating, so I didn't ask well what if I get BIG FAT NEGATIVE. I guess he was being positive and trying to make me positive. Yes I have a background in counseling so that is why I am analyzing every stupid thing. I was trained to do so :D Unfortunately!!!

On a lighter note: I met up with an old highschool friend last night and went out for some dinner. We had fun catching up and gossiping. I couldn't help myself. Our class reunion is coming up. Yeah, I don't know if I will go. Part of me wants to go and see everyone and the other part of me says DON'T finally made it out of that...why go back. I guess everyone is insecure about those things. I will definately have to booze it up that night. Hopefully I will be pg by then and won't even worry with it. Oh yeah I saw this YUMMY looking recipe on the food network. It was a healthy way to cook chicken parmesan....and it looked so good. I am going to try it out and hope it is good. I have tried so many ways to cook chicken (healthy) and can't find any recipe that is yummy. Here is the link to it if ya wanna try it too :D Enjoy....,1977,FOOD_9936_197953,00.html

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I Believe in Miracles said...

Praying this months a bfp for you!!

I understand your dilema regarding HS reunion - I choose not to go back to mine simply because I didn't want to get sucked back into all that HS world.